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Cheap Flight To New Zealand

Well, first of all, maybe the airline that operates a service on your preferred departure date, is not operating a service on your preferred return date (to avoid this, choose the same day of the week for your departure and return). Or maybe the lowest fare is only available for your return flight, and not for your departing flight. In both cases you’ll end up with a much higher price.Having difficulties to find a cheap flight to New Zealand, in spite of the hundreds of websites selling airline tickets on the net? You’ve filled out the cities of your departure and destination, as well as the dates you want to travel to New Zealand, clicked ‘Search’ – only to find out that for one reason or the other the fares are never as low as you expected. How come?

Second, the travel dates you entered could be a Saturday or a Sunday. If this is the case, try weekdays instead. Usually, flying on a weekday costs less.

And third, maybe you tried to book your flight just a couple of weeks in advance. Most airlines have only a limited number of seats available at the lowest fares. Once they are sold out, there are only the higher fares to choose from. Especially when you would like to travel to New Zealand during the peak season, try to book well in advance.

So to find really cheap flights to New Zealand, try to be as flexible as possible regarding airlines, travel dates, routes and connections. For example, a flight from London Heathrow to Auckland with Korean Air will probably be cheaper than a similar flight with Air New Zealand or Qantas. And most of the time a flight with a stop-over will be cheaper than a non-stop flight. Just take your time and don’t give up too soon.

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