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A Kaikoura Winter's Day

A Kaikoura Winter’s Day

When winter arrives, I often think it’s time to stay indoors and snuggle up with a good book.

But just as I’m getting ready to light the fire, the sun breaks through the clouds and the temperature starts to rise. This is exactly what happened when we were in Kaikoura a couple of weeks ago. The previous couple of days had been stormy, windy and well . . . really good book reading weather.  We were camped north of town near Mangamaunu (one of NZ’s highest ranked surf spots) and had planned to leave the following morning as both the weather and the surf conditions had been a bit of a disappointment.

But,  as so often happens on our winter road trips around the country, we woke to a near scorching summer day and perfectly forming waves brought on by the previous days of strong wind.

Perfect. We’re staying.

So, instead of packing up the campervan,  we unpacked our longboards and headed out to play. Sure, the water was cold, but it’s nearly always chilly in this part of the country. The best thing about winter surfing in NZ is that the waves are quiet, often very quiet. We had the company of a 3 fur seals for the first hour, then a couple more campervans turned up with some keen surfers from Brazil and California. They, too, had been waiting for the weather to break and couldn’t believe that there were only 8 of us sharing the waves.

We spent another hour making the most of the sun and waves, then headed back to ‘home base’ for a bit of breakfast and a hot cup of tea. As the day progressed a few locals came out to enjoy the waves, but we had the beach to ourselves for nearly the entire day. Gorgeous location, perfect waves and summer time temperatures.

You never know what New Zealand will dish-up from day to day. It’s certainly nice to have the time, the freedom and an ‘house-on-wheels’ to be able to stay and enjoy a place when the opportunity arises.



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