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Travelling with Kids

Campervan travel with kidsA campervan rental holiday is the perfect way to see New Zealand if you’re travelling with children or grandchildren. For starters, kids absolutely love campervans! They’ll spend ages exploring all the nooks and crannies, and they love the cosiness of campervan beds. You’ll find a campervan holiday is a great way to spend quality time as a family too. Here are some tips about choosing a camper van if you’re travelling with small people.

Travelling with Kids – Tips for Choosing your Rental Campervan

Beds – make sure your campervan has enough of them! Also consider the configuration – it can be handy to have at least one double bed that can be set up as a couple of singles.  If you’re travelling with a baby or toddler, you could consider a campervan that has a luggage net for the luton (over-cab) bed – this can be a handy toddler-barrier. Some campervan rental companies also provide special travel cots perfect for babies.

Seating – make sure you have enough seatbelts for everyone including kids. If you’re travelling with young children or babies, check where the anchor points are for child seats. And does the campervan rental company provide the child seats, or do you need to bring your own? Also, if the kids are little, look for a campervan where the additional seating is right behind the driver’s cab, rather than at the rear of the vehicle.

Storage – is there enough room in the vehicle for you to stow children’s toys, books and other activities?  Make sure you pack these things in soft bags so they can be easily stowed. It’s a good idea to assign each child a special place in the campervan for their ‘stuff’ – that way they know where to find things, and it can help train them to put things away.

Living and entertainment – how will you keep the kids occupied?  Having a television and DVD player will help. Check with the campervan rental company to see if the DVD player can be operated while driving – if not, you may be able to bring or hire a portable one. Having a couple of separate living spaces in the campervan is handy at night, or when the weather has you otherwise cooped up inside.

Safety – will the vehicle be safe for smaller children to run around in, and where (if any) are the danger points?  Ultimately, you want to know if it’s safe to have the kids playing in the vehicle unsupervised, while you’re sitting outside having a cup of tea.

Food preparation – does the vehicle have all the gear required to keep a hungry teenager fed and watered on any given day? Is there a microwave to heat up baby’s bottle? Work out your requirements and make sure your rental campervan will have the essential cooking equipment you need as well as a big enough fridge and enough storage space to hold the volumes of food they’ll churn their way through.

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