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Travelling as a Group

Family campervan travelTravelling as a group by campervan is a great way to experience New Zealand and spend time with your favourite people.

It’s surprisingly common for more than one campervan to be hired out by a group. Often groups of friends will travel by campervan. It’s also a great holiday for extended family, and businesses rent campervans to travel to conferences or trade shows or to make sales trips.

Why travel as a group by campervan?

Quality time – Camping brings people together and travelling by campervan is a great way to spend time reconnecting with spouses, friends or family. When you’re travelling by campervan, you can forget about housework or all the stuff you have to do at work and concentrate on playing cards with the kids, enjoying a glass of wine with old friends or beating your best mate at beach cricket. There are so many opportunities to create lifelong memories and just enjoy each others’ company.

Sharing resources – travelling as a group with several hired campervans gives you the opportunity to share resources like equipment and food. Groceries and essential items such as laundry detergent can be shared between several of you, lowering the cost. You can also share the cost of extras like barbeques and GPS units. And sharing the cooking and cleaning duties creates less work for everyone and more interesting meals! Providing several of you are signed up as drivers (note that some campervan rental companies charge extra for additional drivers), you can share the driving and have different groups of people travelling together.

More space – Having more than one rental campervan also means you collectively have more space. The kids can play games in one campervan while the adults solve the world’s problems next door. Afternoon naps in one campervan, rowdy happy hour in the next. Everyone’s a winner!

Entertainment – for those with kids, travelling with another family is a great way to keep the kids happy. You can get the kids to change seats to create variety and break up a long trip. You can create a little friendly family rivalry with a game of beach cricket, or see who can skim stones the furthest – kids are very good at keeping each other entertained, particularly if there’s competition involved.

Choose your own route – If you’re travelling in a group you have the opportunity to part company during the day to do the things that interest you. Some of the group can go fishing while the others check out a local tourist attraction or go for a hike. You can meet up later in the day to swap stories.

Memories of a lifetimeFreedom camping is one of the greatest things about a New Zealand campervan rental holiday. Provided you’re in self-contained campervan, you can find your own little piece of paradise and stay there in your own little world. What better way to create special memories of time with your favourite people?

Escape when you need to – Going on holiday with friends or family can be challenging. Your mother-in-law’s helpful laundry tips or your niece’s constant squealing may start to get on your nerves after a while. If you’re in a campervan, you can escape the annoying rellies for a while and head off for some peace and quiet. We all know that absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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