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Looking For The Perfect Guide For Your New Zealand Travels?

Just two weeks before the end of our campervan holiday, we stumbled upon the perfect guide for our New Zealand travels.
Of course we did consult a few travel guides before we started touring New Zealand, but once we arrived in the country, we didn’t use them as much as we had thought.
Everyday there seemed so much to see and do, that we just couldn’t find the time to read a lot. So we were really happy when we found out about the Kruse audio tour guide.

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Kruse audio tour guide
is actually a cleverly designed device, that acts as a personal tour guide during your New Zealand travels. It’s almost as if there’s someone sitting next to you, drawing your attention to all the points of interest you pass. The minute we activated it, near Auckland Airport, it started to give us a short introduction to New Zealand, followed by directions about the best way to access State Highway 1 (both North and South), suggesting a driving tour around Auckland before we left the city (which we didn’t do, because we already spent a lot of time in Auckland). The audio guide even showed us a supermarket on our way out of Auckland, where we could stock up on groceries before leaving the city.

The next couple of days, on our trip along the Kauri Coast and the Bay of Islands, we had the audio guide switched on constantly, which made our visit to this part of the country definitely a lot more interesting. We were given information about the famous Auckland harbour bridge, about the small towns we passed on our way north, about kauri gum diggers who lived and worked in the area we drove through, about the mangrove forests we saw, and about birds like the pukeko and the kiwi who inhabit the area. We were also told what we could expect to see in a museum we passed, and we learned a lot about the history of the first European settlers in the region. Finally, we were introduced to quite a few Maori traditions and legends (by the way, those were the only commentaries that were sometimes a little bit difficult to understand – Maori names still sound very unfamiliar to us, despite our frequent New Zealand travels!).

The voice recordings were often accompanied by appropriate background music and/or sounds, which made them really attractive to listen to. When there was nothing worth talking about, the audio guide was simply playing music. To be honest, most of the time we didn’t like this choice of music very much, so we just turned the volume down a bit, until we heard the familiar voice of our ‘tour guide’ again! (Note: As from October 2005, you’ll be able to choose the kind of music you’d like to hear in between the commentaries (jazz, classical music, et cetera) or – if you prefer silence – you’ll also have the option of no music at all!)

Installation of the audio tour guide proved to be very easy. We only had to place the device on top of the dashboard of our New Zealand camper van, plug its cable into the cigarette lighter, turn on the radio, and tune it into 107.7 FM. That was all. As the system makes use of GPS technology, your tour guide starts giving you relevant information as soon as you start driving. Simple, isn’t it? If you’d also like to have your personal tour guide during one of your next New Zealand travels, make sure you check out
www.krusenz.combefore your arrive!

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