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What’s Available?

What Rental Campervans are Available in New Zealand?

The word ‘campervans’ covers a large range of different vehicles. A number of terms are used to describe more or less the same thing! Camper vans or campervans are also known as motorhomes in New Zealand. We’ve also heard them called caravanettes (by our British friends) and RVs (by the Americans and Aussies).

There is a huge variety of campervan rental companies in New Zealand offering all sorts of vehicles for rent. You’ll find:

  • Huge 4 and 6 berth campervans with all the mod cons – more like apartments on wheels!
  • Camper vans designed for free camping and exploring off the beaten track
  • Campervans with lots of appliances designed for staying at camping grounds
  • Family campervans with seating for kids directly behind the driver’s cabin
  • Vehicles with full kitchens
  • Campervans with inbuilt bathrooms including toilet, shower and even drying rooms
  • Automatic and manual transmission options
  • Fully self contained vehicles suitable for freedom camping
  • Budget options for backpackers in older vans or ‘people mover’ wagons

The camper van you choose will depend on your specific requirements.

How to Choose a Rental Campervan

You can also buy new and used campervans in New Zealand. If you’re planning to stay in New Zealand for longer than a few months, buying a campervan may be a better option for you than renting. You’ll find more information on our Should you Rent or Buy? page.

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