Picking up your Rental Campervan

What to expect when you pick up your rental campervan

When you pick up your rental campervan you’ll be met and greeted by a representative from the campervan rental company. You’ll need to allow an hour or so for the pick up procedure. A good campervan rental company will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you like during the pick up procedure so you feel confident about driving and operating your campervan.

When you arrive

Your campervan should be ready and waiting for you and the staff should be expecting you. Although campervan rental companies can be busy during peak times, for example around events, school holidays or during the summer months, every effort should be made to serve you promptly and efficiently. A good campervan rental company will offer refreshments if you do have a short wait, and some may have shower facilities where you can freshen up if you’ve come off a long flight. If there is an unforeseen problem and you’ll have to wait longer, some companies will loan you a temporary vehicle so you can head down to the local supermarket and stock up on supplies.

The paperwork

You’ll start with the paperwork. A good campervan rental company will have a procedure in place so you can do a ‘pre check in’ online and supply some of your information before you arrive in New Zealand. Taking advantage of this service will save you time when you pick up your motorhome. The customer service person will need a copy of the licence of each driver, and you’ll have to confirm you understand the rental terms and conditions and sign a rental agreement. If you haven’t already purchased insurance, the options will be explained to you and you’ll be given the opportunity to organise some, and you may be given the option to purchase extras and accessories such as a bbq or camping chairs.

Vehicle show through

The ‘show-through’ of your vehicle should cover everything to do with the driving and operation of your vehicle, both inside and outside. It should include instructions on how to refuel, how to empty waste tanks and toilet cassette and how to fill the water tank, as well as how to operate all appliances. You should also receive an explanation of the power setup of the campervan, and what appliances and features will work when not plugged into mains power. As with a rental car, you’ll walk around the outside of the vehicle and note any existing scratches or marks.

You should have the chance to discuss your itinerary and the driving distances and roads you plan to cover. You should also receive clear instructions about where you can and cannot camp.

Motorhome equipment

You’ll be shown all the equipment that’s included with your campervan, and given your bedding and linen (a good campervan rental company will offer you the opportunity to request extra blankets if you’re worried you might need them). Your rental campervan will at the very least include a basic New Zealand road map.

Setting off

You’ll be given directions to help you get to your first destination, as well as directions on how to find the nearest supermarket to stock up on supplies. You should also be given details of what number to call if you need any help while you’re on the road. If you’re dropping off at a different location from the pick up (e.g. picking up your campervan in Auckland and dropping off in Christchurch), you should be given directions for getting to the drop off depot. A good company will also supply information on where to refuel and empty your waste tanks before dropping off, so you don’t spend the last day of your campervan holiday driving around looking for a dump station!

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