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How Much Will I Pay?

You’ll find a range of campervan rental options in New Zealand, from budget vehicles with basic facilities, right up to top of the line brand new beauties with all the bells and whistles. The bottom line is – you get what you pay for! The amount you pay for your rental campervan holiday will depend on your requirements and also when and where you plan to travel.

Things Affecting the Price of your Rental Campervan

Your Requirements

Consider your requirements and what you really need. If you’re planning to stay in camping grounds the whole time, you may be able to save money by choosing a campervan without a shower and toilet (note that if you’re planning to stay overnight at DOC campgrounds or do any freedom camping, you will need a self contained vehicle).

Time of Year

The most significant factor in the campervan rental price will be the time of year you plan to travel (link to appropriate page from planning  section). Campervan rental rates fluctuate throughout the year. The busiest and therefore most expensive, months to travel are December to February (the height of the NZ summer – also known as peak or high season). Campervan rates are at their lowest during winter. The ‘shoulder seasons’ of March – May and September – November can be a great time to travel, with rates lower than peak times.

Travel direction

When you’re planning your trip, if you’re planning to travel one-way, always check both directions – you may find that travelling Christchurch to Auckland, for example, is significantly cheaper than travelling in the other direction. Make sure you consider other costs that may be incurred – for example, if you’re travelling one-way (from Auckland to Christchurch or vice versa) you’ll need to take into account the cost of the ferry. Bear in mind that some campervan rental companies also charge a one way fee if you’re not returning your camper van to the same place where you picked it up.

Some campervan rental companies offer specials at certain times of the year – click here to view special rates from our partner campervan rental companies – link coming soon!.

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