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Campervan Rental Insurance

The thing about campervan rental insurance is – you don’t need it until you need it!

Campervan rental insuranceOur advice about campervan rental insurance

We strongly advise you to take an insurance option when you rent a campervan in New Zealand. If you don’t, and you have an accident and damage the campervan or if someone else damages the campervan, you’ll have to cover the excess which is usually several thousand dollars. There’s no better way to ruin the holiday of a lifetime than to have to pay a huge bill you weren’t expecting!

Read the fine print

Some people think that if you take travel insurance, you are covered for your campervan rental. Read the fine print of your travel insurance policy very carefully. Most travel insurance policies cover illness, cancellation of your trip, delays, loss or damage of possessions, travel document and personal liability or accidents, but they don’t cover motor vehicles. (We strongly recommend you take out travel insurance before you leave home as well!). Plan your trip

Things to consider about campervan rental insurance

  • The roads in New Zealand may be quite different to your home country. Many NZ roads are steep or winding, and some are unsealed or have loose gravel, so the likelihood of an accident or damage to the vehicle may be higher than you would expect in your country. Driving in New Zealand
  • You’re more likely to have an accident in a campervan than in a car simply because of the campervan’s dimensions – it’s higher, longer and wider than the vehicle you drive every day. Campervan driving tips
  • If you opt for the standard insurance, you may be liable for the cost of the rental for each day the campervan is off the road being repaired.
  • Costs to repair damage caused by someone else may not be able to be recovered, because third party motor vehicle insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand (it’s estimated that around 250,000 drivers on NZ roads have no insurance cover).

Standard insurance

Campervan rental companies usually include ‘standard’ insurance with your rental – but there will be an excess payable (NOTE that some companies deduct the excess amount from your credit card at the start of your trip and refund it at the end. Make sure you have enough funds available on your card to cover the excess as well as provide funds during your holiday. Also be aware that you may lose out on the exchange rate when the excess is refunded). How much will I pay for my New Zealand campervan rental?

Reducing your excess

Most companies will give you a couple of options to reduce the excess amount or waive it altogether. As well as considering rental prices when you’re doing your research about who to book with, make sure you check out their insurance options. These do vary between companies. Many campervan rental company websites will have a grid which summarises their different insurance policies so you can see what’s included and what’s not.

All inclusive campervan rental insurance

There’s often also an ‘all inclusive’ option which offers full cover insurance with no excess, as well as extras thrown in such as picnic tables, GPS systems, child seats etc. You’ll need to do your sums and work out which option is the best for you. Contact us for more advice about campervan rental insurance.

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