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Why travel New Zealand by campervan?

A campervan rental holiday is a wonderful way to explore New Zealand. Here’s why:

See the real New Zealand

With your own transport, you can get off the beaten track. You’re not restricted to the ‘tourist trail’. Travelling by camper van gives you the ability to explore at your leisure, to take side roads, and enjoy the scenic route.


No unpacking in a new hotel room every day when you’re travelling by campervan. You have all you need exactly where you want it, right there with you. Plus, in many rental campervans you have bathroom facilities and a full kitchen. Need to use the bathroom? Just pull over and use the onboard facilities. Fancy a cuppa? Find a nice view, put the jug on and away you go!


Having a great time fishing, surfing or just chilling out at a beautiful spot? There’s no need to hurry away to your next destination to check in for a hotel booking – just stay where you are! (make sure you’re allowed first – see our Camping page for more info).

Travelling by campervan gives you the flexibility to change your itinerary as you go. So if you decide to spend longer in once place or take a detour, you can.


With a camper van rental, your transport and accommodation is combined. You’re not having to pay separately for a rental car plus hotel or motel. And because you have an onboard kitchen, you can save money by not having to eat out at restaurants for every meal.

Better sleep

Many people don’t sleep comfortably in the first night in a new place. In a campervan, you’ve got the same bedroom environment every night, so you get used to your bedroom-on-the-road. Some campervan rental companies offer camper vans with permanent beds and proper mattresses, so there’s no need to sleep on an uncomfortable jigsaw of lounge cushions. And if you’re kept away by noisy neighbours, in a campervan, you can always move!

A great way to meet the locals

Getting off the beaten track gives you a great opportunity to meet the friendly, hospitable people for which New Zealand is renowned. Unlike hotels, where people stick to themselves, you’ll also find other campers at camping grounds are a friendly bunch. Talking to the locals is a great way to learn more about New Zealand and perhaps find out about some special destinations that most people don’t get the chance to visit.

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