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Finding The Perfect New Zealand Souvenir

Want to take a nice New Zealand souvenir home with you? Or bring some gifts for your relatives? Of course, you can always buy a colourful T-shirt to remind you of your rental campervan holiday in New Zealand, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you could find a far more typical New Zealand souvenir? Here’s a list to give you an idea of what to look for when browsing the New Zealand shops:

Woollen goods
When you think of New Zealand, lots of people think of sheep! The New Zealand merino sheep in particular are famous for their top quality wool. Browse the shops for woollen garments such as (hand-knitted) sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves, as well as for products like sheepskin rugs, duvets, blankets and cushions.

Possum products
However cute possums may seem to you, for the New Zealand native forests they are a great danger. Introduced from Australia in the 19th century, the possum population grew rapidly, as they had no natural predators in New Zealand. At the moment, their number is already estimated at more than 70 million, all eating their way through the New Zealand forests! So buying possum fur is actually a very nature friendly thing to do! Besides, products made from possum fur and possum wool are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. There’s a wide range of products available, from gloves and jumpers to nipple warmers!

Products made of greenstone (jade – or pounamu, as the locals call it) make a good souvenir as well. Greenstone is a highly valuable material, that is mainly found on the West Coast on the South Island (if you’re travelling in your rental campervan down the West Coast, make sure you include some shopping time!). As the export of raw greenstone is not permitted, make your choice from the wide variety of products made out of greenstone: from simple pendants, brooches and earrings to beautifully carved Maori tikis (a tiki is a small stylised Maori figure, symbolising the beginning of life).

Maori bone carvings
Maori bone carvings also make a typical New Zealand souvenir or gift. You’ll find them in traditional, tribal designs, as well as in modern designs.

Skincare products
Natural ingredients like tea tree, kiwifruit, lanolin from sheep wool and rich thermal mud account for the fantastic New Zealand skincare products. Tea tree is famous for its antiseptic properties, kiwifruit for its high levels of vitamin C and vitamin E, lanolin for its natural oils, and the rich thermal mud for its regenerative minerals.

Coffee table books
A colourful coffee table book is another great way to remember your New Zealand camper van rental holiday. There are lots of beautiful coffee table books for sale in the New Zealand book shops.

New Zealand wine
And finally, if you still have some space left in your luggage, do take some bottles of New Zealand wine home with you!

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