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Independent Travel Reviews

If you are planning a New Zealand campervan rental holiday, we heartily recommend you spend some time on the internet (like you are now!) doing some research.

TripAdvisor is a great website for travel reviews and as a way of finding out general travel information, though we haven’t found it particularly helpful if you’re trying to choose a campervan rental company, as campervan and motorhome hire companies aren’t categories on the TripAdvisor website so it’s hard to search for them.

If you would like more specific information about New Zealand, try the NZ travel ranking website Rankers. The Rankers website invites New Zealand travelers to review and rate aspects of their trip, including activities, attractions and campervan hire companies.

Another fantastic part of the Rankers website is their interactive camping map, which features every New Zealand campsite, including free campsites, commercial camping grounds and Department of Conservation campgrounds. A great tool to use when planning your trip, it’s also available as a smartphone app.

A tip when using the Rankers website: Don’t just look at the % rating for a campervan rental company, attraction or campsite. Also take into account the number of reviews they’ve received. A company with a large number of total reviews but slightly lower rating is probably still a better bet than a company that’s got a rating of over 90% but only 10 reviews! Consistency is key, and we reckon the companies with more reviews are proving that they’re delivering a great product and service over and over again.

Don’t forget to review your New Zealand campervan holiday!

One final word on Rankers – once you’ve finished your New Zealand campervan holiday, or even during it, don’t forget to go on the site and write your own reviews, to help other travelers plan their trips.

We’d love to feature your New Zealand campervan holiday reviews on this website too – you can send these to us by email.

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