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About New Zealand

Why take a New Zealand campervan holiday?

New Zealand offers a lot of experiences packed into a little country. Here are some of the reasons why a New Zealand campervan holiday is a must.

New Zealand Maori maskThe Kiwi culture. New Zealand is a real melting pot of different cultures. New Zealanders are very proud of our unique blend of cultures – we have a truly bicultural society where the Maori (the indigenous people of New Zealand) and other cultures live side by side. There are plenty of places you can go to learn more about the Maori people and their culture – from hangi dinners and Maori concerts to traditional and contemporary Maori villages.

Kaikoura whale watchingNew Zealand wildlife. New Zealand is the world’s youngest country – that is, the last country on earth to be settled by humans. Before the arrival of man, New Zealand was a land of birds with no predators. The only native mammal was a tiny bat! The result is that today, New Zealand has a unique bird population different to anywhere else in the world. You’ll find many beautiful native birds, such as the tui, morepork and fantail (piwakawaka) in gardens and bush (native forest) all around you. The most well-known New Zealand native bird is the Kiwi. This shy nocturnal bird is hard to spot in the wild (unless you’re very quiet, patient and know where to look!) but there are plenty of wildlife sanctuaries where you can view this fascinating flightless bird. As well as birdlife, you’ll find colonies of seals and penguins dotted around the coastline, and New Zealand has some amazing places to see dolphins and whales.

New Zealand sceneryNew Zealand scenery. Peter Jackson chose to film the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy in New Zealand for a reason! From lush pastures to dense rainforest alive with birdsong, geothermal marvels, snow-capped alpine vistas and unspoilt beaches, New Zealand’s dramatic scenery is breathtaking. And it’s perfect viewed from the comfort of your rental campervan, where you can enjoy a different view every day!

New Zealand hiking Lake Tekapo walkwayAdventures and experiences. New Zealand offers adventures and experiences for everyone, from bungy jumping, jetboating, white water rafting or zorbing, to ‘softer’ adventures like kayaking, horse riding, walking, golfing, wine tasting and many more! While New Zealand often is associated with the more extreme adventures (if you’re into these, check out Queenstown, the ‘adventure capital of the world’), there are so many activities and adventures here that you’re guaranteed not to get bored!

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